Crone Bakeress
Crone Bakeress
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Crone"
Played by Janet Varney
Name Crone Bakeress
Species Crone
Occupation Bakeress

Crone Bakeress is a crone bakeress who runs the Crone Bakeress Bakery. Her baked goods include wizard's dream cookies (which make a wizard's dreams less unpleasant for others to listen to), scrones, cronessants, crookies, crake, and crupcakes.

Crones are born without names until they get an occupation indicating that name. The crones live on three boats in the middle of a stolen lake.

Arnie thought her laugh sounded suspicious, and noticed what looked like blonde hair poking out of Crone's robes. Usidore pulled down her hood and revealed her to be Braidwynn the warrior elf in disguise.

Braidwynn was supposed to be in hiding until she revealed herself on a previous episode of the podcast, so she killed a crone and adopted her identity. Braidwynn decided she is going to keep her Crone identity.

Crone Bakeress is played by Janet Varney.


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