Cyddle Effin
Cyddle Effin
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 4, Ep 10 - Year Without a Chris Must
Played by Shaun Fleming
Name Cyddle Effin
Occupation Chris-Must Caroller

Cyddle Effin is a Chris-Must Caroller Nibblebottom with their sister, Sissy Effin, and performs with the Effin Band.

During the Chris-Must Season, they sing Who Must - Chris Must by The Strange Familiar and gets invited in by Usidore for treats and protection from the cold.

"Who Must - Chris Must" Sung by Cyddle Effin, Sissy Effin, and the Effin Band

Throw some sand into your eye
Who Must? Chris Must!
Slap your mum until she cries
Who Must? Chris Must!
Pay off all my student loans
Who Must? Chris Must!
Clone yourself then eat the clone
Who Must? Chris Must!

You've been such a shit
We have enough of it
By goddesses, you'll get what you deserve

Let me be your therapist
Who Must? Chris Must!
If I were you, I'd up and quit
Who Must? Chris Must!

If you've been good this time of year
You can rip off both of Chris's ears
Children rejoice! It's Chris-Must time again
Chris-Must time again
It's Chris-Must time again

Chris-Must bells ringing in the night
His magic sleigh is taking flight
Hark, children! Best not to be naughty
Lest you miss out on beating Chris's partyyyyy

Rip your eyebrows off your face
Who Must? Chris Must!
Lick a bark and spin in place
Who Must? Chris Must!
Hold you pees and poos inside
Who Must? Chris Must!
Ideate in death and die
It's Chris-Must time!

Kick him in the nuts!

Cyddle Effin is played by Shaun Fleming.



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