Danlet is widely considered the greatest play written in Foon. It is the story of a young boy, Danlet, whose aunt is a hunger ghost and eats Danlet's mother.

One of the most famous monologues from Danlet involves audience participation:


What are these three ghosts I see here? Have they
Assumed some form to be pleasing to me?
Aye, for now I speak to you, the audience,
And the others cannot hear me. This I ask:
Being, or not being?
That is the interrogative.
Whether it is better in the mind to live
Or to die. I, Danlet, must decide. And here:
I look upon the faces of all of you.
What sir, do you decide?
(Audience member responds.)


The Cock Ticklers, starring Tom the Traveller as Danlet, and Helen Chunt as the main female lead. Tom's performance as Danlet earned him a Tosser nomination.

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