Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Real Estate Agent" (mentioned)
Played by Sarah Shockey
Name Daphne
Species Humanish
Occupation Unwed mother

Daphne is one of the unwed mothers who lives at the Vermilion Minotaur. She has a nine-year-old son who she is struggling to raise by herself. When Chunt first introduced Daphne and set her up on a date with Arnie, he said he wasn't interested, and she went off crying. Her hands are very cold; the boys think she might be dead.

Since the Siege of Hogsface, she has been working as a barmaid at the Vermilion Minotaur on behalf of the Dark Lord.

Daphne is played by Sarah Shockey.

Mirror World Counterpart

A counterpart also named Daphne has been mentioned but it is unknown if or how she differs from the regular Foon version of Daphne.


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