David Allen Mackenzie
David Allen Mackenzie
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 3, Ep 97
Played by Paul F Tompkins
Name David Allen Mackenzie
Nickname(s) Mister Chauncey

David Allen Mackenzie is a great big oaf, who can open portals to other dimensions.

Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore meet David Allen Mackenzie at The Lonely Gorilla in Northeastia. He is initially impersonating Mister Chauncey, and is wearing the faun's waistcoat and mayors sash.

When pressed he admits that he robbed Mister Chauncey after drinking with him, tying him up, and learning from the faun the methods of opening dimensional portals once practiced in the town of Portalia. He has since been opening portals to other lands for his own amusement, and has allowed numerous individuals with evil intentions into the land of Foon.

David Allen can remove his teeth individually, which he habitually does to sharpen them.

David Allen Mackenzie is played by Paul F Tompkins


  • The Mysterious Man is aghast to learn of new portals being opened into Foon but is unable to monitor them or stop them with the limited facilities of the Institute he is operating out of while on Earth.


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