Demons are magical entities native to Foon. Their relationship with wizards is generally poor.

Demons are born through a conflation of natural forces, so that individual demons might be born of fire, or air. They are by natural inclination cruel, and have a standing alliance with the Dark Lord.1

The most famous demon fighter in Foon is Spintax the Green, who chronicles his exploits in the best-selling Pandenomicon. Every demon is numbered.

Known Demons

  • a tiny demon in a top hat that was summoned by saying "Ogg'Sharoth" three times. Chunt adopted it as a pet but it was banished by Spintax2
  • A Shadowy Demon, murdered by Usidore the Blue & Grimhoof3
  • Yagrafell, the many horned flamed beast, who Spintax banished from Capitol City
  • Xohet the Shocker, the demon who creates a burden of electrons, banished by Spintax
  • Lilith, the mother of all monsters, whom Spintax defeated by seducing and exhausting her4
  • The Demons of Svaboda, destroyed by Amassadus the Wise5
  • a Ruffled Feather patron, banished by Usidore while ordering at the bar6
  • Xylox, an empathetic demon who seeks to live among the people of Foon peacefully
  • Barbara, a succubus seeking a partner in conquest7
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