Don the Transdimensional Deliveryman
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Transdimensional Deliveryman"
Played by Joey Romaine
Name Don
Species Unknown
Occupation Transdimensional deliveryman

Don the Transdimensional Deliveryman (full name Don Streetcar Welles) is an aggressive, easily distracted mailman whose estimated package delivery time is 10 years. He is also a Pisces. He brings Arnie a package of Ann Arbor Tees addressed to "Arny Neekampyf".

He is the first person Usidore says he does not want on his quest.

Don the Transdimensional Deliveryman is played by Joey Romaine.


Don used to do improv, then worked at Soupbox. He later made the career transition to transdimensional deliveryman. His office employs 100 million employees, and he has promised never to go back to a desk job.

Other Dimensions

Don has traveled to a number of other dimensions to deliver his packages. In the process of travelling to other dimensions, he sees nothing but images of child death.

Dimensions he has visited include:

  • A "huge" dimension where everyone looked like Bo Derek.
  • A dimension where stars are "walking around."
  • The Wizard State
  • An underwater world, where he met a "Great White Shark with big ol' titties."


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