Dorian Deville

Dorian Deville was the former court jester to The Sky God, Bruce. He was banished to the astral plane for freezing Arnor the Warrior's loincloth. He was freed when he took advantage of the hole left in Arnie's mind by the Memory Gremlin to implant the list of items Arnie believed he needed to lift Chunt's curse. Usidore's pillow talk to Jyn'Leeviyah led Dorian to the trio. Dorian offers to lift Chunt's curse if Arnie can complete a series of challenges.

After discovering that his adoptive father King Albain Belaroth was dead, Arnor located Dorian at The Smouldering Widow who then admitted he knew who killed Albain and that the answer was at The Vermilion Minotaur. Arnor then learned from the Encyclopedia of Brittany Caw that Arnie was responsible, and returned to the tavern to exact his revenge.

Dorian Deville is played by Zach Thompson.

Episode Appearances

66 The Curse

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