Dr. Ward
Dr. Ward
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Dr. Ward"
Played by Shane Wilson
Name Woll ta'Diznée
Nickname(s) Dr. Mark Ward
Species Unknown
Occupation Monster, Director of Clinical Psychology

Dr. Mark Ward is a persona created by the creature Woll ta'Diznée in attempt to learn the secrets of dimensional travel from Arnie on behalf of the Dark Lord.

First appearing as a podcast guest, Dr. Ward is Director of Clinical Psychology at the Belaroth Institute, and a graduate of Cornell University. Over the course of the interview Dr. Ward reveals to Arnie that he never left Earth, and that his entire time in Foon is a delusion. Arnie realizes Dr. Ward is lying when he displays knowledge of Foon that Arnie himself does not have. His ruse revealed, Woll ta'Diznée reverts to his true form, which Arnie describes as a sort of monster/demon. Woll ta'Diznée fears he must go into hiding to avoid the punishment of the Dark Lord. Usidore stabs him a bit for good measure.

Dr. Mark Ward/Woll ta'Diznée is played by Shane Wilson.

Mirror World Counterpart

The mirror world also has a Dr. Ward; he has served as couples therapist to Carnival Wilson and Wendigo Wilson. It is unknown if this is the same Dr. Ward from the original Foon or a mirror version of him.


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