Dragons are magical species native to Foon, and seem to be similar to Earth depictions. Their scales are known to catch and glisten in the light and are often used for decorations.

Known Dragons

  • Grumthor - the most Boring Dragon in Foon1
  • Dory - the mascot for Dory the Dragon's Sugar Frosted Treasures cereal2
  • Gregory the Dragon - a dragon preoccupied with his ex-girlfriend3
  • Durp - an asocial dragon who enjoys collecting4
  • The Great Dragon Tyrant - given name not known, but was given title & worship by the Kobolds until his murder by the Dark Lord5
  • Nepotholis the Great, a dragon who swallowed lightening6

Dragons love their hoards. Usidore considers Dragons to be the most dangerous thing in Foon.7 The Great Eagles of Grand Eagle Island have slain multiple dragons.8

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