Drempf Draggar
Drempf Draggar
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Orc Wanderer"
Played by Mary Sohn
Name Drempf Draggar
Species Orc
Occupation Wanderer

Drempf Draggar is an orc wanderer looking to find herself, and delightenment.

Drempf has a very positive attitude, and wears a scarf given to her by a group she has joined who helps individuals find their purpose. Initiates work their way through many levels until they reach delightenment. Drempf is a Level 1. Dictums from the group include avoiding her family and limiting her diet to a few berries a day.

Drempf has nine brothers: Vandrox, Drampf, Scrubrule, Trisdraf, Nord, Glizzlestim, Mee, Scorcher Jon, & Gary. They consider themselves the toughest things in Foon.

On Usidore's Fetching Quests!

Drempf had been avoiding home for two moons prior encountering Usidore & Grimhoof by the roadside, and during that time had joined the scarf organization. She begins to initiate Usidore & Grimhooff. They analyze their deepest fears and tie scarfs around their eyes to visualize themselves as other people. When they identify the organization's scarfs as the magical item they seek, she gives them one, in exchange for them joining her in a pain endurance exercise where she holds a hot stick.

Drempf Draggar is played by Mary Sohn


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