Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Activia"
Played by Adal Rifai
Name Drew
Species Human?
Occupation Unknown

Drew is one of the Trash Kan Kids(a group of orphans in Hogsface) as well as an Arnienian, a follower of the religion of Arnie.

Drew is played by Adal Rifai.


  • As a member of TKK, he calls Usidore by the secret name Pappy Nonsense.
  • He is prone to using foul language.
  • Has a mansion.
  • His catchphrases include "I ain't ever gonna die!" and "I'm gonna live forever!"
  • As an Arnienian, he wears a bracelet that reads "WWAD" (What Would Arnie Do).
  • Arnie has an intense dislike for Drew's presence on the podcast to the point of practically denying his existence.
  • Drew being hurt or killed has been mentioned many times, including all three of the hosts attending Drew's funeral, but it is not known if Drew is truly dead.
  • Drew acted as ring bearer at Chunt and Twosidore's wedding, but he never got the rings so they had to be substituted.


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