Dripfang LeDesparé
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Dripfang"
Played by Kevin Sciretta
Name Dripfang LeDesparé
Species Multiple snakes
Occupation Chef Inquisitor
Affiliation The Dark Lord

Dripfang LeDesparé (sometimes also said as DeLesparé) is a Chef Inquisitor working for The Dark Lord. He is both a necromancer, having spent his life learning the secrets of dark magics, and a chef, having responded to a job listing he wrongly assumed had a typo. He now uses spells to conjure food to help in his inquisitions.

Dripfang is 1,000 snakes in a skin suit. His father was a necromancer and his mother is eight separate snakes. Abandoned by his father as a child, Dripfang learned the dark arts and eventually challenged his father to magical combat. He was victorious when he reminded his father of a personal trauma mid-combat, causing his father to commit suicide.

He attempted to become Chief Inquisitor to the Dark Lord, but found himself studying under Jordon Ramzoz learning the culinary arts. He eventually supplanted Ramzoz as well.

Dripfang lost three snakes during his first appearance on the podcast when kicked by Usidore. Usidore killed one more at the Dark Lord's birthday party, and he was told to downsize by 500 snakes at his performance review. The snakes escape through his fingernails so it's very painful. He was most recently seen spending a lot of time in the cemetery.

After his downsizing he has taken to replacing his snakes with other things. Recently he has added a bunch of eyeballs and 450 ghost eels.

Dripfang often uses the doubling spell "Poooft!" to double the food he creates. Although he is not an actual shapeshifter, he can manipulate the snakes in his skin suit to take on certain shapes like that of a giant snake or a donkey. He has recently reanimated a dead giant by the name of Andre, who he uses as both transportation and muscle.

Dripfang is played by Kevin Sciretta.


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