Drugs of Foon

Much like on Earth, alcohol is the most popular drug in Foon, but there are a number of drugs unique to Foon as well.


Morglorb is one of the drugs of Foon. A very addictive substance that will make you vomit, but get you higher the next day. It is made from the morgle bush.

There is a special strain of morglorb that grows in Hawai named after Usidore.

Usidore's Recipe

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This recipe is for educational purposes ONLY.

Find the most beautiful and fully bloomed morgle bush, dig it up and make sure you do not scrape the roots as you dig. Cut the root off completely, and take it back to your hovel at the top of the hill.
Wash it off very slowly. Then, set it in a brine for 6 days.
Drain off the brine and crush the root in a mortar and pestle. Mix in a little bit of mayonnaise to give it a white texture. Carve up some mushrooms and add them, then mash it into a ball.
Bake it in a oven for about 20 minutes until it's nice and crispy on the outside.

Inferior strains of morglorb will cut the mayonnaise with Miracle Whip, or failing that, horse ejaculate.


Tingle is a substance that is applied to the eyes via an eyedropper, and causes your eyes to fall back in your head where you can see your brain. This drug is usually fatal to mortals, so it is mostly used by ghosts.

Rainbow Bowls

A rainbow bowl is a delicious non-alcoholic drink that sends your mind through time. Despite this description it is treated as a milder alternative to alcohol.

It can also be whipped, or served with glorb.

To make a rainbow bowl, collect mist from a bog, gather it slowly, put it through a prism, then pour it into a bowl and cast a hex on it.

Other Drugs

a variety of drugs are mentioned but with no details available

  • Nose Snow
  • Cloudclear
  • Showoffs1
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