Duggan Gahlump
Duggan Gahlump
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 4, Ep 11 - Baker
Played by Ric Walker
Name Duggan Gahlump
Nickname(s) Dug
Occupation Baker
Affiliation Enchanted Grandma

Duggan Gahlump, is a local baker in Nibblebottom, specializing in muffins.

Duggan is a son of a mouther. His fatehr is unknown, though many instances implies that it might be Usidore.

Duggan is a talented baker that Usidore takes a liking to. He takes a lot of pride in his bakes and advertises himself as if he was a "As Seen by TV" host.

Before meeting the hosts, Duggan was enchanted with grandma powers, despite being 21. Some powers includes being able to conjure dollies.

Duggan is played by Ric Walker.



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