Dungeons are very large, but incredibly labyrinth places, usually located underground, that are divided up into various levels. Dungeons contain many creatures and beasts, and on each progressive level they become more powerful. Usually there are very valuable items located deep within these dungeons, and very often the creatures in the dungeon are there to defend that treasure. Dungeons draw many adventurers who are looking to claim the treasure for themselves, or just get a good workout fighting the dangerous inhabitants. Although they will all fight adventurers who come into the dungeon, many denizens of dungeons are concerned with the public image of the dungeon, and treat adventurers like a customer, especially the ones who cannot be killed. Adventurers who cannot get as far as they'd like in the dungeon can improve their chances by taking the beat up armaments left by some of the weaker creatures, and turning them in for better weapons.

There is a dungeon outside of the town of Hogsface that contains a Lunar Sword on the lowest levels. The first level is inhabited by a Clax the Skeleton.

The term dungeon may also apply to a location where criminals are punished with torture. The town of Hogsface has one such dungeon as well.

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