Great Eagles

The great eagles of Foon are large, sentient eagles that are capable of lifting creatures up and carrying them. In fact, their primary purpose on Foon is to rescue wizards from danger by carrying them away. They should not be confused with regular eagles, who are not sentient nor great.


The eagles were created by Ephysiyies and placed in the realm to aid wizards. The same eagles have been alive since the creation of Foon.


Eagles, in addition to being fierce and incredibly strong, have amazing sight. They can see through almost anything, including mountains. However, they cannot see through lead, and they have trouble keeping track of dwarfs or anything else under a bridge or behind a pole.


Eagles are uncomfortable with emotions, they don't have many close friendships and often nest alone. The typical day for an eagle involves a quick fly around the realm and breakfast.

World Tour

They only get together once every few years for the Eagles World Tour, which happens about as often as Hell freezing over. They use it to travel the realm and establish their position in it. Most recently, they got into trouble when Helga, a witchy woman, slaughtered an entire village.


Eagles have a great fondness for wizards, as their job is to keep an eye on them and make sure they don't fall into any abysses, nothingnesses, or the like. They prefer to swoop in at the end of a wizard's quest rather than in the beginning, as it's easier and they can reap all of the glory.

Food and Drink

The typical day:

  • Eagles will eat any kind of meat, including cows and people, ripping them asunder and eating their flesh.
  • Eagles like to drink pure river water.
  • The typical eagle breakfast is horse meat or cows full of milk.
  • The particularly like cows because they get a splash of milk with their meal.

Other Creatures

The eagles know every huge creature in the land of Foon, including Grimhoof.

Eagle Royalty

King Talonor

Talonor is the Great Eagle of the Realm.

Craw and Flappy

Craw and Flappy are both princes. Craw's real name is actually a loud, birdlike screech, while Flappy's name is simply Flappy. They wear tiny crowns held onto their head by elastic to indicate their royal pedigree. Prince Craw is the first in line for succession of the throne, while Flappy has tasked himself with "keeping things light". They nest on bunk nests, with Craw on top and Flappy on the bottom. They cannot change this situation until a royal decree is made saying that they can roost on their own.

Grand Eagle Island

The royal court has killed a couple dragons and kept their sizable hoards on Grand Eagle Island.


The eagles will often poop on people's heads as a prank, though it takes a considerable amount of skill to hit a target.


You can contact the eagles for help via insect speech, asking the nearest insect to summon them for help. Help may take a few months to arrive.

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