Eleanor the Manticore
Eleanor the Manticore
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Chunt’s Mom"
Played by Jill Fenstermaker
Name Eleanor
Species Manticore
Occupation unknown

Eleanor is Chunt's mother, and a manticore with a human face, a lion’s mane, bat wings on her butt, and a scorpion's tail. She lives on the other side of the mountain in a commune with a variety of similarly multi-part creatures. She also is a fortune teller who reads palms using the stinger in her tail. She is normally a peaceful being and gets a sense of how evil a creature is before she kills, but if she's very hungry she can black out and go on a feeding spree. She has agreed to assist Usidore in his quest.

Eleanor married once, but her husband died at the wedding during the dance of consummation, becoming Hungho the Hunger Ghost. She gave birth to Chunt, but the pain of having her husband die let her to abandon a magnanimous lifestyle. She is now separated from Hugo, though they are on good terms.

Eleanor the Manticore is played by Jill Fenstermaker.


  • She named Chunt after her father's middle name.
  • Previously Eleanor's wings were said to be those of a dragon rather than a bat.
  • She is supposed to make great homemade spiced potatoes.


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