Elves are a magical peoples native to Foon.


Elves have three buttholes. Half-elves have two buttholes and one vestigial butthole.

Elves can survive 8 weeks without food, 8 days without water, and 8 minutes without air.1



The High King of the Elves is Chellen Kangkangkang, or perhaps in Hel'llacan'th'ethnth in the elvish spelling.2
Q'ueen Phinarae'll has royal claim to the Satur’neth F’orest, it is not clear what her relationship to Hel'llacan'th'ethnth is.

Relationship with Goblins

There is an old rift between elves and goblins, which unfortunately leads to a lot of prejudice against goblins. As a result, the goblins have an even-further-underground economy and entertainment business.


Some elves are seeing their magical powers diminish of late, perhaps due to the ascendancy of evil forces in Foon.3


Elves originated in the West of Foon4

The Elves once conquered the land of Fingaroon.5

Elves of Note

Elven guests on HftMT

Other Elves

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