Endwhill the Meek
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Stowaway"
Played by Liam O’Brien
Name Endwhill
Species Halfling
Occupation Halfling

Endwhill the Meek is a halfling who the guys met aboard the SS Stephanie when he stowed away in a ship in a bag of apples.

Endwhill was raised by (presumably) birds and led a happy life as a halfling until he was abducted by Frazgard the Incorrigible, a necromancer who began dabbling with science. It was he who named Endwhill "The Meek" after shoving him into a pot of mandrake roots to rob him of his confidence. Endwhill lived in a treehouse in a cemetery while he worked for the necromancer, doing various duties such as general housekeeping and even helping to bring Frazgard's dead relatives back to life.

Usidore gifted Endwhill some magic bags including one with unlimited apples and another with unlimited letters of recommendation. By the end of the episode, Chunt has given him a new name to begin a new life free of servitude: Startwhill the Fresh. Endwhill departed by going into one of the bags which was much larger on the inside and included a beach; but after he left, they suspected he wasn't as meek as he seemed, as Arnie's watch and Usidore's wand were both missing and Chunt's stuffed owl had been dusted.

Endwhill is played by Liam O’Brien.


  • Season 3, Ep 12 — "Stowaway (w/ Liam O’Brien of Critical Role)"
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