Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Forever Girl"
Played by Becca Barish
Name Eternia
Species Humanish
Occupation Forever girl
Affiliation Notsees

Eternia is an immortal Forever Girl that hangs around Hogsface.

Eternia is played by Becca Barish.

Early Life

Eternia has forgotten her own age, but a long time ago, like most Forever Girls, they decided that her heart was so pure, they made her a little girl forever so that she wouldn't be impacted by the faults of adulthood. She was thrilled about this and was happy to be a child and play forever. She grew up in the Big Apple, where they would bring pieces of the Apple to the hungry. Her mother was a Notsee, and her family was Jewish, making her a Jewish Notsee.


  • She has the full powers of a Forever Girl, including prophecy and the promise of one wish.
  • She enjoys drinking breast milk, like most Forever Girls.
  • She enjoys dalliances with Forever Boys, as she cannot get pregnant.
  • She often helps with charity work, and has contributed to Goodwill Chunting.
  • She loves doing impressions, which generally nail the vibe of the subject rather than their exact sound.
  • As a Notsee, she goes to concentration camp every summer, to stay concentrated.
  • She enjoys listening to and performing rhythmic rhyme songs.
  • She has a great fondness for Spintax The Green.
  • She seems to have an innocent sense of morality, as she was willing to give her friends to Spintax to be killed and rendered into components for a spell, but for a greater good.


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