Eternia is a Forever Girl that hangs around Hogsface.

Eternia is played by Becca Barish.

Early Life

Eternia has forgotten her own age, but a long time ago, like most Forever Girls, they decided that her heart was so pure, they made her a little girl forever so that she wouldn't be impacted by the faults of adulthood. She was thrilled about this and was happy to be a child and play forever. She grew up in the Big Apple, where they would bring pieces of the Apple to the hungry. Her mother was a Notsee, and her family was Jewish, making her a Jewish Notsee.


  • She has the full powers of a Forever Girl, including prophecy and the promise of one wish
  • She enjoys drinking breast milk, like most Forever Girls
  • She enjoys dalliances with Forever Boys, as she cannot get pregnant
  • She often helps with charity work, and has contributed to Goodwill Chunting
  • She loves doing impressions, which generally nail the vibe of the subject rather than their exact sound
  • As a Notsee, she goes to concentration camp every summer, to stay concentrated
  • She enjoys listening to and performing rhythmic rhyme songs.
  • She has a great fondness for Spintax The Green.
  • She seems to have an innocent sense of morality, as she was willing to give her friends to Spintax to be killed and rendered into components for a spell, but for a greater good.

Episode Appearances

28 Forever Girl
Season 2, Ep 27 – But What About Forever Girl?

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