Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Chunt for Red October 4: Rainbow Squish"
Played by Mary Beth Smith
Name Eugenia
Species Mummy
Occupation Mummy

Eugenia is a mummy.

She lives in a cube in the great Shape Desert where she is a drone mummy, collecting gems in service of the Queen Mum, often with her friend Doris.

She is nearing the end of her life as mummy, and her wraps are loose. She’s prepared for the day the Queen Mum releases her from service, at which time she’ll dissolve to dust.

She curses Arnie to a safe walk across a busy street.

In life Eugenia was a were-person(wolf most of the time but a human at full moons). As a rare creature she donated her body to science after her death, which ended up in the hands of the mummy hive.

Eugenia is played by Mary Beth Smith.


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