Eunuchs are people who have had their genitalia removed. In Foon, this grants them a number of magical abilities in addition to the non-magical ones attained by the mental focus that comes from a lack of sexual desire. Unlike eunuchs on Earth, the process is not permanent: their genitals are placed in a mason jar, kept moist by elf sweat, and can be reattached at any time.

Magical Abilities

Eunuchs possess the following powers:

  • Blessed with birdspeak, the ability to speak with birds
  • Can read words written in phoenix blood
  • Only require 3 hours of sleep

Non-magical Abilities

Eunuchs also have abilities granted by the removal of sexual desire:

  • Appreciate hobbies more
  • Appreciate sunsets more


Eunuchs have a habit of giving themselves one positive affirmation every morning after waking up. They also count by clucking their tongues.

Notable Eunuchs

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