Even More Mysterious Voice
Even More Mysterious Voice
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Homesick"
Played by Unknown
Name Unknown
Species Unknown
Occupation Unknown

The Even More Mysterious Voice appeared at the end of Season 1, Ep 10 — "Homesick", after Arnie ended the podcast early and in its place a lengthy portion of audio from the space bunker was accidentally broadcast to Earth. When he realizes the mistake the Mysterious Man fumbles to recover and insists that the podcast isn't real.

After he signs off another voice appears and says in part:

Take Heart! Don't be fooled! All of this is real!

The Mysterious Man is really the Mysterious Man and isn't just some actor named "Tim Sniffen" with a very funny tumblr: https://mrsniffen.tumblr.com. And Tricia the Intern is not Schadenfreude's Kate James, she's really Tricia, and she's dangerous in her own way.

Beware, stay watchful, there are more worlds than these!

It is not known who plays the Even More Mysterious Voice.


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