The Everyroad is one of many names for the long major road that traverses Foon's largest continent. The Vermilion Minotaur sits alongside the Everyroad.

Other names for the road include:

  • The People's Road
  • Steward's Path
  • The Fool's Errand
  • Youthsfolly
  • The Blistering Trail
  • Ladyface
  • Journeymen's Gamble
  • Blade Row
  • Bishoproad
  • The Bloodline
  • Overlander's Road (in the Northeast Kingdom)
  • Wanderer's Way
  • The King's Road
  • The Robber's Backbone

It passes through Hogsface. Many other roads branch off of it perpendicularly, creating a kind of "grid".

Notably, it does not reach the frozen tundra of Fingaria.

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