Festival of the Satiated Hippogriff

The Festival of the Satiated Hippogriff is an event in the court of Titania Belaroth in the northeast. It is designed to find her one of her many consorts and possibly a mate. It is also well known for its moving displays on every level of human emotion.


If a person is selected by the Queen to participate, sup upon delicate ambrosia and feed on honeyed grapes at her side, and then dance the Dance of Twelve Confessions, which is performed by dancing in whatever way you feel is appropriate, and then shouting out 12 confessions.

After the dance comes personal time with the Queen in the Tents of Titillation, which is first staked by maidens who weave archways of mutant silkworms' silk. Once in the tent, blinded gremlins will disrobe both of them, and apply a poultice made of the tears of a pegasus and secrets of a virgin, and then the participants will engage in coitus in a myriad of unique and interesting configurations


When Elvator, the gifted elf, danced the Dance of Twelve Confessions, he gave confessions of such insight that the dance totally shut down at his Tenth Confession: stealing witches brew for his mothers eczema. There was not a dry eye in the house when he gave his Eleventh Confession: untoward thoughts towards his Roonish companion. This confession caused people to look each other in the eye and have emotional conversations of such magnitude that there have been bonds of friendship formed that have not been broken since.

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