Fibro Myalgia
Fibro Myalgia
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Goblin Queen"
Played by Kelsey Kinney
Name Fibro Myalgia
Species Goblin
Occupation Royalty

Fibro Myalgia is the Queen of the Goblins. She has an older sister named Encephally who was so extremely fragile that she died at her coronation. The crown passed to Fibro, though Encephally has since been resurrected. She began as a timid and cautious ruler, but Usidore gave her a (fake) Rock of Confidence which inspired her take over all Foon with hordes, murder, and pillaging. She planned to start with the vacant throne of the deceased Albain Belaroth, before marching against the Dark Lord

Fibro Myalgia is played by Kelsey Kinney.


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