Five Finger Flint Gustoon
Five Finger Flint Gustoon
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 3, Ep 88 - "Casino"
Played by Ify Nwadiwe
Name Flint Gustoon
Nickname(s) Five Finger, Scoop Poopy
Occupation Gambler

Five Finger Flint Gustoon is a smooth-voiced gambler who owns The Rooster's Left Foot, a casino in Northeastia.

He is constantly taking side bets, including on his own demise.

Flint comes from a family of gamblers. He once bankrupted his father, "Four Finger" Flint Gustoon (who got his own nickname after losing a finger in a bet). Five Finger Flint's uncle left society to live in the woods, and Five Finger won big betting that he had died.

He wins a secret name from Usidore ("Poo Holes") while on the podcast, but loses his nickname Five Finger, which Usidore gives back. Chunt also gives him the name Scoop Poopy.

He may know the future, and may be rigging odds at the casino, but fakes his death to avoid sharing anything too revealing on those topics, and to dodge a tax collector.

Five Finger Flint Gustoon is played by Ify Nwadiwe


  • Season 3, Ep 88 — "Casino"
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