Flower is a talking flower. She likes full-bodied red wine and profanity.

Flower is played by Brooke Breit.

Episode Appearances

3 Flower
27 Not Dead
47 Otok's Quest
49 Princess Phillipa
54 Witch
61 Sheriff
65 Dancer
92 Resonance Stone
Offices and Bosses: 1 Flower from I.T.
Offices and Bosses: 5 The I.T. Team
Offices and Bosses: Bonus - Teachers & Classrooms (Live from Very Very Fun Day in Chicago)
Season 2, Ep 15 – But What About Flower?
Season 2, Ep 24 – Book Club - The Great Gatsby

Cliff Incident

Arnie threw Flower off a cliff after their first meeting. She was the flower for the Hogsface Mittens team, so after Arnie threw her off a cliff, Hogsface didn't have a mittens team anymore. On the way down, and in the half of a year of being stuck at the bottom of a cliff, she used techniques Oprah's book club book, The Hush-Hush Thing, to grow legs by screaming her desire aloud. During the incident, she has decided to "turn over a new leaf" and stop being so negative.


Don't even try to find her, because she doesn't want to fuckin' talk to you.

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