Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Flower"
Played by Brooke Breit
Name Flower
Species Flower
Occupation Flower

Flower is a talking flower. She likes full-bodied red wine and profanity.

Flower is played by Brooke Breit.

Cliff Incident

Arnie threw Flower off a cliff after their first meeting.1 She was the flower for the Hogsface Mittens team, so after Arnie threw her off a cliff, Hogsface didn't have a Mittens team anymore. On the way down, and in the half of a year of being stuck at the bottom of a cliff, she used techniques from Oprah's book club book, The Hush-Hush Thing, to grow legs by screaming her desire aloud. Since the incident, she has decided to "turn over a new leaf" and stop being so negative.

Mirror Realms

Flower's counterpart in the family-friendly dimension is also named Flower, but she preferred that day to be called Blossom.


Don't even try to find her, because she doesn't want to fuckin' talk to you.


Flower identifies as nonbinary.


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