Flower's Cousin, Flower
Flower's Cousin, Flower
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Fooniverse - Flower + Flower
Played by Becca Barish
Name Flower
Species Flower
Occupation Unemployed, Former Flower Shop employee, Former Nail artist, Former Spoon Jeweler, Former Cutout Corkboard Seller

Flower's Cousin, Flower is the cousin of Flower. For this section, Flower's Cousin, Flower will be referred to as Flower's Cousin, Flower.

Flower's Cousin, Flower is Flower's Cousin. Like Flower, she is a flower. In their younger years Flower and Flower's Cousin, Flower, use to hang out a lot, but after she moved to the Northeastia (among other things) they don't get to see each other anymore. They were both raised religiously.

Compared to her cousin, Flower's Cousin, Flower, is a little more reserved. She wants to be a creative and a maker. Flower's Cousin, Flower, does not have the same confidence as her cousin, but she can rally if she sees others need help.

In Fooniverse - Flower + Flower, she and Flower encounter Barry the Bee who gets Flower's Cousin, Flower, pregnant. She also tries to live in Flower's place for an extended period of time.

Flower's Cousin, Flower, is played by Becca Barish.



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