Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Masters of Mayhem Season 1, Episode 3 — "Snake Princess"
Played by Sayjal Joshi
Name Foofina
Species Snaketaur
Occupation Princess
Affiliation Spartanga

Foofina is a snake princess in the legendary jungle of Spartanga. She has a big long snake body and a human top.

Foofina was played by Sayjal Joshi.


Foofina's father was a snake, her mother was a human; both are deceased. Foofina is effectively running Spartanga, but tradition requires she marry before she can be crowned Queen. She kills those who oppose her rule, and has pillaged a massive golden hoard. She's interested in the idea of a universal dimensional basic income of 1,000 coppers a month, as she believes the guaranteed income would free people up to engage in more inspired villainy.

She is aware of other dimensions, and has observed television shows from Earth.

Foofina has royal family, but they are often gone to party on the family's party island. She is attended by dozens of snake maidens.

Her interests include gemology & cooking.

On Masters of Mayhem

When they arrive in her jungle, Foofina is wooed by Baron Ragoon & Dripfang, with the former offering up his pinky finger as a sign of love. She decides to marry them both. However, the two flee the wedding ceremony when they determine it includes being eaten.

The wedding is complete, however, forcing her to seek divorce from the two, especially when she takes an interest in a Wolf Lord and wishes to remarry. Over a year later she travels to Northeastia for the festivities surrounding the Queen's abdication. While at a Gala she encounters the Baron & Dripfang again, when the two are mid-heist. When she explains she has no hard feelings, and clears up any confusion about about devouring the two (those parts of the vows were metaphorical), they offer her a cut of the take in exchange for her assistance, which she accepts. The end the evening partying together, with the Baron planning to win her back.



  • Masters of Mayhem Season 1, Episode 3 — "Snake Princess"
  • Masters of Mayhem Season 2, Episode 5 — "Foofina"
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