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Hello from the Magic Tavern Presents: Fooniverse is a Patreon-exclusive series including episodes set roughly after season three of the main podcast but also out-of-series episodes with the main cast as themselves. Episodes have been made available via Patreon stating September 16, 2021. Special episodes and miniseries that were initially released on Earwolf and are now available on Patreon have an additional introduction from the High Time Queen to provide context and spoiler warnings.

Fooniverse Logo
Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore
First episode September 16, 2021
Network Patreon
Producers Arnie Niekamp
Matt Young
Adal Rifai
Theme music Andy Poland
Logo Allard Laban

Patreon Series


These are episodes that take place on Foon and are made exclusively for the Patreon.

No. in season Title Original air date on Patreon
1 "Fooniverse - Earth Cereal: Ooga-Lega-Weegga-Cheega" September 16, 2021
Usidore and Chunt fall in love (literally) with breakfast cereals Arnie has sourced from Earth.
2 "Fooniverse - Fall Asleep with Flower" October 14, 2021
It's a slumber party with Arnie, Usidore and Flower. A calming, soothing audio experience to fall asleep to.
3 "Fooniverse - Boys Night: Bloke's Mourning" November 11, 2021
Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore are having fun by themselves…or are they in grave danger?
4 "Fooniverse - Questions from the Patrons" November 24, 2021
Arnie, Usidore, and Chunt answer some of the patron's questions gathered from Patreon.
5 "Fooniverse: A Very Spintax and Usidore Solstice" December 16, 2021
Usidore and Spintax celebrate the Winter Solstice their yearly clandestine holiday get-together!
6 "Fooniverse: Slambook" January 13, 2022
Arnie finds a Slambook. The hosts finally get to answer questions about what they think of each other.
7 "Fooniverse - Flower + Flower" January 27, 2022
Flower's cousin, Flower, is crashing at her place.
8 "Fooniverse - Spintax Book Release Party" February 10, 2022
Spintax promotes the follow up to his hugely successful book, the Pandenomicon.
9 "Fooniverse - Good AfterFoon!" March 10, 2022
Foon's favorite forest-based afternoon talk show hosted by a vampire and a bird!
10 "Fooniverse - Slambook 2: Usidore" March 24, 2022
The Slambook for Friends is back, and this time Usidore is in the hot seat!
11 "Fooniverse - Transdimensional Deliveryman Returns" April 21, 2022
Don the Transdimensional Deliveryman is back. He may have received a promotion somehow.
12 "Fooniverse - Spintax's Potions, Poisons and Pies" May 19, 2022
Spintax the Green travels across the land to eat and imbibe at Foon's wildest pie and potion shops.
13 "Fooniverse - Earth Comics: Garfield" June 23, 2022
Arnie introduces Chunt and Usidore to one of Earth's greatest comic strips, Garfield.
14 "Fooniverse - Spintax Audio Book" July 14, 2022
Spintax creates an audio version of one of his future best-selling books.
15 "Fooniverse - Night Shifts" July 28, 2022
Chunt meets Foon's preeminent "mental health" professional, Dr. Pigman Fraud and a giant spider.
16 "Fooniverse - Earth Comics: Family Circus" August 11, 2022
Arnie introduces Chunt and Usidore to the whimsical charm of Family Circus.
17 "Fooniverse - Old Enough" August 25, 2022
While Dripfang is visiting his old friend The Baron at his keep, Jayme and Sayme must complete some simple errands.
18 "Fooniverse - Night Shifts 2" September 8, 2022
Chunt goes to work with Foon's premier Mouth Doctor.
19 "Fooniverse - Questions from the Patrons 2" October 6, 2022
The hosts are back to answer your most burning questions posted to Patreon!
20 "Fooniverse - Night Shifts 3" October 20, 2022
In the finale, Chunt finally has a gift for Arnie, a new friend!
21 "Fooniverse - Minotaurs on Masonry" November 3, 2022
Clair and Bull St. Clair, hosts Foon's premiere home renovation program, visit the Shrike Valley to share decorating tips and marital bliss.
22 "Fooniverse - Earth Mascots: Fast Food" November 17, 2022
Arnie introduces Usidore and Chunt to some of the fast food mascots he grew up with.
23 "Fooniverse - Girls Night: Momo's Move" December 1, 2022
Momo’s roommate has had enough, but will Flower and Gianessa be able to move her out in time?
24 "Fooniverse - Chunt Records an Album" January 12, 2023
Will Usidore and Arnie help or hinder this musical masterpiece? Yeah, I'd assume "hinder" too.
25 "Fooniverse - Haunted Horse" May 4, 2023
To win Uncle Heavyheart's fortune, the boys have to spend the night in a Haunted Horse.
26 "Fooniverse - Girls Night: Road Quest Pt 1" May 18, 2023
Momo gathers Flower and Gianessa as the venture out to find her lost sweater.
27 "Fooniverse - Drinking Game" June 1, 2023
Chunt, Usidore, and Arnie create a Hello from the Magic Tavern drinking game for you to play (sort of)!
28 "Fooniverse - Momentos, Oh Momentos!" July 20, 2023
Antiquity experts appraise items both grotesque and divine. Sponsored by The Gelena Rubenstein Foundation and The Corporation for Public Spellcasting and Viewers Like You, Who We Really Don't Know; Our Main Donors Are A Terrifying, Faceless, All-Consuming Mass That We Must Appease, But Seem Mostly to Like Tote Bags.
29 "Fooniverse - Girls Night: Road Quest Pt 2" July 27, 2023
Flower, Gianessa, and Momo confront pirates and teens while continuing to search for her lost sweater.
30 "Fooniverse - Love Shack" August 24, 2023
Arnie buys a house for the boys to renovate together.

Bonus Magic Tavern Miniseries

These miniseries take place within Magic Tavern continuity and are now all available on Patreon after their initial release as Earwolf exclusives. (Offices & Bosses: Season 1 was previously made available in the main podcast feed at the end of Season 2 in mid-2019.)

No. in season Title Original air date on Patreon
1-7 "Earth Games - Season 1" November 18, 2021
Release of Earwolf miniseries from 2019 to Patreon.
8-14 "I Am Spintax! The Podcast!" January 6, 2022
Release of Earwolf miniseries from 2019-2020 to Patreon.
16-21 "Masters of Mayhem: Season 1" January 20, 2022
Release of Earwolf miniseries from 2020 to Patreon.
22-27 "Lost in Foon: Season 1" February 3, 2022
Release of Earwolf miniseries from 2020 to Patreon.
28-34 "Offices & Bosses: Season 2" February 17, 2022
Release of Earwolf miniseries from 2018 to Patreon.
35-40 "Offices & Bosses: Season 3" March 3, 2022
Release of Earwolf miniseries from 2020 to Patreon.
41-48 "Earth Games - Season 2" March 17, 2022
Release of Earwolf miniseries from 2020 to Patreon.
49-55 "Usidore's Fetching Quests!" April 14, 2022
Release of Earwolf miniseries from 2020 to Patreon.
56-62 "Hey Tavern Tavern!" April 28, 2022
Release of Earwolf miniseries from 2021 to Patreon.
63-68 "Masters of Mayhem: Season 2" May 12, 2022
Release of Earwolf miniseries from 2021 to Patreon.
69- "Masters of Mayhem: Season 3" March 23, 2023
Premiere of the new season of the miniseries on Patreon.

Behind the Tavern

These episodes have Arnie, Matt, and Adal discussing what goes on behind the scenes in making the podcast.

No. in season Title Original air date on Patreon
1 "Behind The Tavern: Road Stories (Season 1)" September 30, 2021
Arnie, Matt, and Adal discuss the earliest live Tavern episodes.
2 "Behind The Tavern: Road Stories (Season 1) (Pt 2)" October 28, 2021
Arnie, Matt, and Adal continue their discussion of the earliest live Tavern shows.
3-8 "Behind The Tavern - Season 1" December 21, 2021
Release of Earwolf miniseries from 2019 to Patreon.
9 "Behind the Tavern: Ending Season 1, Starting Season 2" February 24, 2022
We discuss episode 100 of Season 1 and transitioning into Season 2.
10 "Behind the Tavern: Chris Rathjen (Baron Ragoon)" April 7, 2022
We chat with Chris Rathjen about being the Baron, keeping track of the lore of Magic Tavern, Improvised Star Trek and more.
11 "Behind the Tavern: Kevin Sciretta (Dripfang)" May 5, 2022
We chat with Kevin Sciretta about being Dripfang, Foon's foremost Chef Inquisitor.
12 "Behind the Tavern: Editor Circle" September 22, 2022
You asked on Patreon and they answered! The editors answer questions posted by patrons like you!
13 "Behind The Tavern: Road Stories (Season 2) (Pt 1)" December 15, 2022
Arnie, Adal, and Matt discuss all the wild stories surrounding Magic Tavern's season with the most live shows they ever did!
14 "Behind The Tavern: Road Stories (Season 2) (Pt 2)" January 26, 2023
Arnie, Matt, and Adal continue discussing the strange journey that is touring a live improvised fantasy-themed comedy podcast show.
15 "Behind the Tavern: Erin Keif (Momo)" September 21, 2023
We chat with Erin about her time on the show playing everyone's favorite mouse with human strength, Momo!

Not The Tavern

These episodes are special one-offs with our hosts and their guests as themselves doing things not related to Foon or the podcast.

No. in season Title Original air date on Patreon
1 "Not the Tavern - No More _____" December 9, 2021
Arnie, Matt, and Adal love panel-style game shows. What happens when they play one?
2 "Not the Tavern - No More _____ 2: Kate James and Steve Waltien" June 9, 2022
Kate and Steve join Arnie and Matt as they play another round of No More _ and learn a lot about who they think is hot.
3 "Not the Tavern - Bidlists" June 29, 2023
Matt, Arnie, and Adal take turns determining a category and the other two face off to see who can name more items in the category.

Patreon Unlocked - Stretch Goals

These are special episodes and series unlocked after reaching Patreon stretch goals.

No. in season Title Original air date on Patreon
1 "Star Wars Watch Along" August 18, 2022
PATREON GOAL UNLOCKED! At the end of July 2022, we unlocked our first Patreon stretch goal and as promised here is our Star Wars watch-along commentary episode. Arnie introduces Chunt and Usidore to the 1977 classic film, Star Wars!
2 "Shadow City: The Crime Time Forgot (w/Anthony Burch)" January 8, 2023
In the upcoming stretch-goal miniseries on Patreon, the boys play a superhero-themed RPG where they are the lowest low-level criminals.
3 "Shadow City Ep 2: The Crime That Went Wrong" February 9, 2023
The bank heist finally begins, but soon Ma, Crusher, and Punches are in over their heads.
4 "Shadow City Ep 3: The Crime Criminals Couldn't Ignore" February 23, 2023
Ma, Crusher, and Punches head to the Cougar Cave to face off against The Giggler and The Chuckler!
5 "Shadow City Ep 4: The Crime That Went Right" March 8, 2023
Punches, Crusher, and Ma are in deep trouble. Only one force might save them: A GM named Anthony who take pity on them.
6 "Shadow City - Season 2, Ep 1: The Parade of Death" August 10, 2023
The boys (and Ma) are back to take on a new caper when everything goes wrong again.
7 "Shadow City - Season 2, Ep 2: The Club" September 7, 2023
Ma, Punches, and Crusher head out to a Fuckface's brothel/fight club.
8 "Shadow City - Season 2, Ep 3: The League" October 5, 2023
The Ding Dongs head to the HQ of The League of Friends to solve a murder.
9 "Shadow City - Season 2, Ep 4: The Trial" November 2, 2023
The Ding Dongs face justice at the HQ of The League of Friends in this season's finale.

Magic Tavern Extras

These are extra HFTMT episodes not labelled as part of the Fooniverse or any existing miniseries and released exclusively for patrons.

No. in season Title Original air date on Patreon
1 "Butthole Announcement Ceremony" September 29, 2022
Chunt makes an announcement and the boys celebrate one year of Patreon!
2 "Listen to the December '22 Meet'n'Greet!" December 8, 2022
December '22 Meet'n'Greet on Discord
3 "Masters of Mayhem LIVE" February 16, 2023
The Baron, Dripfang, and Squibbert answer questions from the audience…almost.
4 "Listen to the March '23 Meet'n'Greet!" March 14, 2023
March '23 Meet'n'Greet on Discord
5 "Listen to the June ’23 Meet’n’Greet!" June 15, 2023
June '23 Meet'n'Greet on Discord
6 "Listen to the September ’23 Meet’n’Greet!" September 12, 2023
September '23 Meet'n'Greet on Discord
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