Fooniverse - Girls Night: Momo's Move
Fooniverse - Girls Night: Momo's Move
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date December 1, 2022
Episode no.
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Hosts Momo, Flower, Gianessa Relkorus
Guests none
Producers Matt Young
Associate Producer {$associateproducer}
Post-production coordination Garrett Schultz
Editor Chris Rathjen
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
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"Fooniverse - Earth Mascots: Fast Food" "Fooniverse - Chunt Records an Album"
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"Fooniverse - Girls Night: Momo's Move" is a Patreon bonus episode of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on December 1, 2022.


Momo’s roommate has had enough, but will Flower and Gianessa be able to move her out in time?


Space Bunker Plot

Post Credit Scene

New Characters

Recurring Characters

Earth References


Behind the Scenes

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