Fooniverse - Spintax Audio Book
Fooniverse - Spintax Audio Book
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date July 14, 2022
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Hosts Spintax
Guests Stacey, Ch'huck, The Producer
Producers Matt Young
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Post-production coordination Garrett Schultz
Editor Garrett Schultz
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
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"Fooniverse - Spintax Audio Book" is a Patreon bonus episode of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on July 14, 2022.


Spintax creates an audio version of one of his future best-selling books.


Spintax the Green is recording his new audio book with the producer, Ch'huck, the orb master, and Stacey, a representative for legal. Spintax starts randomly in Chapter Four: Bestiary. Almost immediately, the Producer interrupts with notes on the non sequential storytelling and Stacey brings up concerns about saying "hooves" in this climate, especially that Spintax has caused a stampede that eradicated an entire town. During his explanation of different creatures with horns, Ch'huck starts to pick up some howling in the recording. He tries to troubleshoot the gain issue with Spintax, but eventually gives up and asks Spintax to show him his setup.The addition audio is apparently coming from some phantasms that is currently with Spintax and Stacey reminds them to be aware "given earlier news yesterday".

The Producer asks Spintax to shift the topic to talk about the afterlife so that the phantasm audio can add to the ambiance. Spintax then skips to Chapter 12: The Afterlife and Beyond and explains that that life is circular and everyone already has lived their life so just torch down your homes. Stacey feels that the conversation may be off the mark and the Producer suggests bringing the two ideas together and talk about angels. Ch'huck remarks that the orb is rolling and is literally rolling. After the orb is placed back, Ch'huck warns that if the orb falls again, damage untold would be released into the world. Ch'huck attempts to reset, but Spintax gets irritated with the fussing of the settings.

Spintax gets back to angels and Ch'huck suggests that he ranks them. Spintax does so, ranking Cherubs the highest and calling out the archangels for their outdated poser style. Stacey is forced to halt the recording as the talk may cross into defamation. The Producer continues to suck up to Spintax for whatever comes out of the recording. Ch'huck checks on the orb and sees that the archangel inside is closing in on their location. If they are forced to record the next day, Stacey offers to bring snacks for the crew. Spintax demands more protein while Ch'huck is fine with the berries and nuts. This inspires the Producer to get Spintax to read off some recipes. He starts with Ch'huck's Berries and Nuts, but opens up to spell recipes.

The erotic nature of the spell recipe prompts the Producer to now ask for something for the kids to broaden the accessibility of the audio book. Spintax begins to chant and all the children come to the recording. The Producer begs Spintax to send the kids back and he does so, not turn the children into statues for him to pick up later. The new spell does not seem sincere, so Ch'huck provides a filter to make Spintax's voice more soothing. The Producer asks if they can go back to Bestiary and Spintax lists all the chapters. Eventually, the Producer just wants Spintax to say anything and just describes animals when they come up.

During the explanation of dogs, Ch'huck is also able to give input about wolves. With everyone able to fill in the blanks and the encroaching holy doom ahead of them, the Producer jumps around topics from end of existence, Earth Stuff, to just saying words three different times to be cut into a book. The archangel arrives and the crew feels its presence. Spintax gives a Post Script Epilogue and they conclude the recording for the day. The Producer leaves and wails in pain. the archangel, Azazel confronts Spintax for his earlier comments, but Spintax stands his ground and insults Azazel further. The archangel leaves and the Producer asks for an explanation about chickens.

Space Bunker Plot

Craig and Pv3 have been driving to a Stuckies, which is 8 light years away. By the end of the episode, they do not seem to be any closer.

New Characters

  • Azazel, the archangel

Recurring Characters

No Recurring Characters Mentioned.

Earth References

  • Stuckies
  • Crackle Barrel
  • Wilson Philips
  • acid washed jeans and graphic tees
  • Harley-Davidson Motor Company
  • Dr. Seuss, Roast Beast
  • Crockpot
  • Mary Jane Kelly
  • Creed
  • Target


Behind the Scenes

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