There are many unique games played in Foon.

Foonish Games

Cat or Doctor

An invention of Chunt's, you present your friends with a drawing or name, and they must identify it as either a cat or a doctor.1

Dragon's Talon

Dragon's Talon is a game in which each player says something nice about each other player. Children play it for fun, while adults use it to ease social situations. Playing the game with a talking flower is difficult because they're unable to tell a compliment from an insult. A player loses if they refuse to accept a compliment.

Jar Jar Clinks.

Foon's most popular drinking game. Each person has a jar of beer and they close their eyes and point to another person. If you’re pointing to the same person that is pointing to you, you drink for three seconds. Whoever has the most beer at the end buys the next round.2


Foons most popular sport.
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Offices & Bosses

A Foonish Role-Playing Game
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Raven Message

Also known by the name "Sit in a circle, whisper something into the next person's ear, until it gets back to the first person, and then it's probably wrong". It is similar to the Earth game "Telephone.3


A game played by chanting:

I know a place
I know a place
It's a place called Watertown

The game is lost if the chant is done in a stupid way.

Game stores

In the town of Hogsface games can be be bought at Slorp Dorpman's emporium of Games.4

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