Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Nymph"
Played by Nnamdi Ngwe
Name Gary
Species Nymph
Occupation News broadcaster

Gary is a Forest Nymph who is half-fish with a small mustache who looks like Michael Jordan (but not Michael B. Jordan). He is 60 hundred years old in nymph years. A typical forest nymph's day involves waking up, doing laundry, and playing games. He came on the podcast to help spread the word on Nymph Awareness Month but now wants to become a chef.

His first kiss was with Jean the rock nymph. Gary's nymph nodes open up when doing exciting activities like kissing or eating spicy food. He likes to make a beep beep beep beep sound when making a news announcement (much like a stereotypical news flash sound here on Earth).

Gary the Forest Nymph is played by Nnamdi Ngwe.


  • Season 2, Ep 29 — "Nymph"
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