Germ Crust
Germ Crust
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Make-Up Artist"
Played by Mary Tilden
Name Germ Crust
Species Humanish
Occupation Make-up artist

Germ Crust is a make-up artist recently transferred to Foon. ("Germ" is pronounced with a hard G.)

Germ grew up in the wastelands of the Unmarked Territory, and fled that dangerous region for more hospitable locales. As a child run-away she often had to disguise herself as "stuff on the street", which led to her developing an interested in make-up. She is self-taught, having practiced on passing animals.

Her make-up line, Crust Foundation, specializes in textures and considers itself very inclusive. She uses a wide range of materials including berries, blood, stones, feathers, and meat.

Germ disagrees with the idea that make-up should be subtle, and instead uses it to be seen. That includes developing a foundation to increase the visibility of ghosts, a small entourage of whom follow her around.

Germ was an admirer of Usidore's before they met, as she uses light & shadow to create contours, and agrees to join Usidore's Quest. Since meeting, her interest has also grown romantic.

Germ Crust is played by Mary Tilden.


  • Germ's ghost entourage includes Omfrom, and Ben the Party Ghost.
  • Germ refers to herself as having transferred to Foon, but does not appear to be from another world. This is likely another case of "Foon" also being used as the name of the continent.
  • In her youth Germ was part of a group of friends including the now pirate Captain Loraina Bones, as well as their friends Worm, Squirm, and Nerm.2


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