Gettin' Nuts

Gettin' Nuts is Foon's most popular podcast, hosted by the shapeshifter Chunt and the wizard Usidore the Blue. A regular episode consists of the guests introducing each other, each sharing the nut they most recently ate or are currently eating, and nothing else.

The podcast began when the two hosts had ideas on how to improve the format of the other podcast they were part of, Hello From the Magic Tavern.


  • Season 1, Ep 100 – "[[[Season 1, Ep 100 — "Usidore's Quest" 1000th episode
  • Season 2, Ep 28 – "Gettin’ Nuts" (w/ Paul F. Tompkins, Live from Now Hear This) Gettin' Nuts 2000th episode
  • Season 2, Ep 85 – "Gettin’ Nuts Season 2" (Live from the Kalamazoo Improv Festival) Gettin' Nuts Season 2 premier
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