Gianessa Relkorus
Gianessa Relkorus
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Sheriff"
Played by Dana Quercioli
Name Gianessa Relkorus
Species Humanish
Occupation Former sheriff, guard

Gianessa Relkorus is the Sheriff of Hogsface, and the first female to hold the position.

Gianessa came from humble origins. She knew her mother and had a step-father who was a glass-blower, but she really considers the town of Hogsface to have raised her.

Growing up, Gianessa was did not consider herself particularly masculine (she did not enjoy football) but nonetheless chose to enter law enforcement even though at the time only men were allowed. She served in Hogsface for five years, using a false voice and crafting elaborate explanations for her monthly bleeding. Eventually the dishonestly grew to be more than she could bear, and she stripped in town square and yelled "Look!" Public opinion was mixed, but due to the dramatic nature of the reveal she was allowed to keep the job and avoid punishment.

She is extremely overworked. Crime is at an all-time high, and Hogsface's elaborate laws make different activities legal or illegal in different parts of town at different times. She ends up making a great deal of emergency child deliveries in the streets (~14 a month), and is quarreling with at least one of her deputies. She considers 5 am sleeping in late.

She is extremely skillful with the longbow (shooting people with arrows is part of the job she really enjoys). By her own description, she is "built like a brick shithouse."

In exchange his help with petty crime in Hogsface, Gianessa has agreed to help Usidore in his quest against the Dark Lord.

Gianessa Relkorus is played by Dana Quercioli.


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