Glenn Miller
Glenn Miller
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Music of Foon"
Played by Nick Gage
Name Glenn Miller
Species Half-troll, half-dwarf
Occupation Bard

Glenn Miller is a bard from Hawai, a chain of islands in the Big Bowl. The Dark Lord's flaming bird flew into his home and set his cat on fire. He wrote a song about it called "My Pussy's on Fire".

He is half-troll and half-dwarf. (A "Droll.") He was one of a litter of 40 children.

Like Spants, he has perfect pitch and his fingers glow. When he performs, people can pay extra and make love with him, which costs three or four extra coins or four buckets of mead.

Glenn Miller doesn't have any toes.

Glenn Miller is played by Nick Gage.


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