Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Satyr and Beholder"
Played by Stuart Wellington
Name Globulous
Species Beholder
Occupation Patron of the arts

Globulous the First is a Beholder who spent a millennia trapped in a crystal prison. It was Globulous the Second until it devoured the former Globulous the First.

Globulous wears a bowtie and runs a clothing store chain named B.E. Holders. The business is almost all profit since Globulous stocks the store for free by taking the clothes off of adventurers he freezes. Globulous also engages in real estate development, and tried to tear down the Hogsface Rec Center so that he could put up condos. He was encouraged to seek opportunities in the Shrike Valley instead.

The playwright Dustin Hoofman was working at his store folding clothes when Globulous noticed him and became his patron.

In his second appearance Globulous referred to himself as an "Eye-Tyrant" instead of a Beholder, for "legal reasons."

Globulous the First is played by Stuart Wellington.


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