Gnome Chomsky
Gnome Chomsky
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Wet-Ass Farmer"
Played by Molly Lewis
Name Gnome Chomsky
Species gnome
Occupation Bard

Gnome Chomsky is a bard, adventurer, and children's entertainer.

Gnome lives in the city of Cloudfall. She attended Bard College to become a bard, and trained in the Arcana Lute. She can use the lute to cast prestidigitation spells (or p-ditty’s) useful in combat & ceremony.

For a time Gnome was a member of an adventuring party, alongside a barbarian(who Gnome dated for a time), a cleric, a ranger, and three other bards. She assumed the proceeds would pay off her tuition, but the party was largely unsuccessful and broke apart. Gnome's main source of income now is as a children’s birthday performer. Their favorite spell is the one the makes the Lute fart.

Her father plays then 12-necked Ephysian Harp.

Gnome Chomsky is played by Molly Lewis.


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