Goblins are magical creatures from Foon which may be living in the Chicago area of Earth.


Goblins have the power to be brought back to life.


They are a very amorous people and will often put on public displays of affection that are inappropriate to most people. They meet people by visualizing their perfect partner, which will then sprout out of their side while they sleep. If the goblin does not know themselves very well, their partner may not be perfect, in which case they are usually murdered. The ability for goblins to visualize and create their partner is one of the main attributes that set them apart from Orcs. They have children in litters.


Goblins live underground where they mostly work mining coal, diamonds, quartz, and other minerals. There is an old rift between elves and goblins, which unfortunately leads to a lot of prejudice against goblins. As a result, they have an even-further-underground economy and entertainment business.

Goblin weddings are raucous affairs, and have a lot of dancing, music, food, fighting, murders, blood, and goblins being brought back to life.

Goblins are skilled dancers.

Notable Goblins

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