Goddesses of Foon

Foo, Ooo, and Oon are the goddesses responsible for the creation of all Foon almost 50,000 (foonish) years ago. The sky, the sea, the lands, all life and all rules of magic are their doing.

They are always listed in the order of their creative acts. Foo is green and made the land; Oo is blue and made the seas; Oon is white and grey and made the sun and sky.1

Some beings still alive knew the Goddesses personally. The ancient turtle Hildy Shiblin remembers the goddesses taking feedback and requests on new creations, and Melchoir was hired by Foo directly to blow the Doom Horn at world's end.

To create human beings, the goddesses made love amongst themselves and six men were born of them. Those men all made love, and all gave birth to a man and women. The people of Foon were born of those twelve men and women. Each of these twelve humans is associated with the Twelve Realms of Ephysiyies.2

While most in Foon do not dispute the story of creation, many simply treat it as a matter of fact, and not necessarily an interesting one. Those foonians who do wish to worship the goddess for their acts of creation will congregate on Blernsdays.3

The goddesses possess heat vision, and can shoot lasers from their eyes.4

The Dark Lord and his minions claim the goddesses made mistakes during creation, and have hidden those embarrassments in the Book of Sight.

Their current whereabouts have not been revealed, but Usidore addresses them directly during Chunt's wedding. Usidore does not expect their direct intervention in the fight against the Dark Lord, stating they work in mysterious ways, including through wizards such as himself.5

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