Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 1, Ep 37 - Tannakin the Pinglet
Name Gorgeous
Species Potato
Occupation Adventurer

Gorgeous is a sentient, screaming spiced potato with one little tooth, given sentience and legs by Usidore when he and Chunt were experimenting with self-delivering food for the menu at Chu Chu's Chow.1 Chunt befriended Gorgeous, and later gave Gorgeous to Arnie as a Solstice gift.2 Arnie, in turn, gave Gorgeous to Flower as a gift of good travel before she set out on Otok Barleyfoot's quest to find his daughter. Gorgeous departs with Otok, riding a tiny horse with 25 buttholes who Usidore has created, and who Flower has named Hershey.3

Gorgeous is not mentioned when Flower and Krom return and recount the failure of Otok's quest,4 but returns to Hogsface two months later, having had adventures of her own including killing a dragon and getting married.5

Gorgeous returns again to the Vermilion Minotaur riding her tiny horse over a year later.6


There is also a tree that grows yawning apples, all also named "Gorgeous."

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