Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 4, Ep 16 - Gourd
Played by Kris Straub.
Name Gourd
Species Golem
Occupation Employee of the Department of Treasures

Gourd is a an employee of the Department of Treasures (DOT) where he is responsible to take inventory of the existing treasures out there and refill existing dungeons for others to try.

Gourd is, simply, a golem with a large gourd for a head. His body is made of sticks and was created by an unspecified wizard. Gourd is between 200-300 years old and his gourd head has held up well. He drinks leftovers and can gobble up ghouls.

His main occupation within the Department of Treasures is to aid in the redistribution of treasures. At times, he would wait after filling up the dungeons to go back a retrieve the treasure for his own benefit.

In Season 4, Ep 16 - Gourd, Chunt presumes that Gourd is part of the "squashia". His suspicions rang true Gourd's demeaner is quite threatening and he keeps track of his "not friends", implying that he is involved in his enemies deaths. He is unsure if he is actually alive, so he gets Usidore to put souls into him, which he regrets.

Gourd is played by Kris Straub.



  • Season 4, Ep 16 — "Gourd" (w/ Kris Straub)
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