Gragullio the Bag King
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Earth Games Season 1, Ep 7 - "Werewolf"
Played by Eleni Sauvageau
Name Gragullio
Nickname(s) the Bad, the Very Bad, the Dumbass
Species humanish
Occupation former King
Affiliation Quorn

Gragullio the Bag King is the deposed king of the Kingdom of Quorn.

Also know as the Graguilio the Very Bad, or Graguilio the Dumbass

  • Ate all the food in the land
  • Drank all the liquids in the land
  • Slept all the time
  • Killed all the Doctors

Gragullio agrees he deserved to be deposed, and refuses Usidore's offer of help to retake the throne.

Guguna the Witch punished Gragullio by cursing him to never remove his crown.

Gragullio the Bad King is played by Mike Migdall


  • Earth Games Season 1, Ep 7 — "Werewolf"
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