Grashmillion Runderguttt
Grashmillion Runderguttt
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Fooniverse - Spintax Book Release Party
Played by Matt Young
Name Grashmillion Runderguttt
Nickname(s) Grash
Occupation Bookshop Owner, gigolo, Author

Grashmillion Runderguttt is owner of Bones and Narbles, the bookstore that hosts the release of Spintax's and Jojo Seewah's book.

Grash is a soft spoken person who often brings two authors to his shop to pit them against each other. He often acts as master of ceremonies at his bookstore. Grash provides thoughtful questions while interviewing people.

Even though he owns a bookstore, Grash hopes to get notoriety on his own books; one is more or less autobiographical on how he moonlights as a gigolo, the other follows the adventures of Doug Steel.

Grashmillion Runderguttt is played by Matt Young.



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