Great Blue Tigers

Great Blue Tigers are one of the rarest, most majestic, and most powerful animals in all of Foon. There were only three left in the world, until one of them, Sapphire, died at Make Out Point on a date with Chunt, leaving only Cerulean and Azure remaining.

Their bones can grant a single wish, no matter how large. Chunt uses one of these wishes to ensure that no matter what form he takes, he will always have two buttholes.

For Winter Solstice, the Great Blue Tigers celebrate HAGBM where they Help A Greedy Business Man by showing him visions of his life: Cerulean is the Great Blue Tiger of the Past, Azure is of the Present, and Sapphire was of the Future. By touching noses, Cerulean and Azure can combine their powers to show the present of an alternate timeline, such as what would have happened if Arnie never came to Foon. By touching tails, they can contact other magical beings such as Can the Yellow.

Cerulean is played by Jessica McKenna. Azure is played by Zach Reino.

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