Great Halls of Terr'akkas

The Great Halls of Terr'akkas is a place where wizards (and potentially other magic users) go to learn magic and hopefully become a Champion of the Great Halls of Terr'akkas. By many accounts, the Great Halls are very old and falling apart in places.


The Great Halls are home to over 40,000 volumes of magical books and scrolls. It is very easy to get a library card there.

Sample Texts

Currently checked out:

  • Makin' It Rain and 49 Other Weather-Based Spells You Can Do At Home
  • Incantations, From Alakazam to Zoobilee Zoo (A scroll of 26 spells, including Bibbity Boppity Boop, which turns gourds into riding instruments)
  • Leaky Wands and Other Telltale Signs of WD [Wizard Dysfunction]
  • Spintax: The Unauthorized Biography
  • Handmaidens of Blurth
  • Handmaidens of Blurth: Felicia's Erotic Journey
  • Handmaidens of Blurth: The Dragon Cock Chronicles
  • Eat Prey, Love (A book about a mother wolf teaching her cub to eat its prey and love it)


  • You Can't Change It Back: Think Before You Spell


The library hosts a large collection of jars of prophecy, which are jars that contain the whispered prophecy of the Seers Roe'Buck. The Seers Roe'Buck are a team of three seer stags that are linked together by wires in a pool of goo. When they are given a prophecy, they whisper it into a jar, which is then stored in the Great Halls, and you can listen to it whenever you like. Some of these prophecies end up being false, but are kept in the library as "oldies" for the sake of nostalgia.

You can also sign up for the Prophecy Plan, where you will be sent twelve prophecies for a single gold coin, and every month thereafter you will be sent an additional prophecy for 25 gold. Even though you can cancel at any time, most people forget to cancel after the introductory period, leading many to label the Plan a "scam".


  • Telephys the White
  • The Scholar, a title assumed by a person who has sacrificed their identity to serve as Librarian
  • Glorbia, an ogre who has taken up residency in the library stacks
  • The Seers Roe'Buck
  • Herman the Hermit
  • other wizards who come and go to hone their skills(see below)

Student Life

The people studying at the Great Halls stay in dorms. Other activities are planned for students, such as the Great Winter Ball.

Becoming a Champion

In order to become a Champion, you must engage in magical battle. Preparation for this takes about a week in order to read and memorize all the spells you will need. For example, Usidore became a Champion by defeating Telephys the White by manipulating shadows to bind him, and while he was helpless, he turned him upside down and shook him until he passed out.

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